19th Century Album of James & Orilla Holden of Whitby, ON



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Photos in order of appearance

01-1 Man standing in fancy dress
01-2 Man in military dress uniform, elbow resting on column
02-1 J. Sinclair Holden, M.D.
02-2 Lucie Holden, sitting on grass, holding ferns in lap, a second woman partly visible on her left.
02-3 Handsome couple, standing in front of ornate painted background and drape.
03-4 Imperial Hotel
04-1 Young man with tam o' shanter on horse in front of stone building with leaded glass windows.
04-2 Lady Antrim, seated apparently in garden at writing table.
04-4 mother and infant, seated.
05-2 Toddler, sitting in wing chair, propped against ornately carved table
05-loose-1 Another toddler in armchair
05-loose-2 Man, portrait
05-loose-3 Man, coloured cameo
05-loose-4 Scene, bay with sailing ships, large building, split-rail fence
05-loose-5 Toddler, ornate graphic frame
05-loose-6 Young man or teen in tam o'shanter. "The Honorable Mark McDonnell" viz. 04-1
05-loose-7 "Lady Caroline McDonnell eldest daughter of Lord Antrim, aged 15."
06-1 Man, portrait
06-2 Woman, standing, tall
06-4 Woman, seated, elegant, stereoscope
07-1 Man, portrait
07-2 Man, portrait, full beard
07-3 Man, portrait
07-4 A.C.Wilson, portrait
08-1 Elderly man; James Holden, Sr.??
08-2 Elderly woman; Frances (Hamilton) Holden??
08-3 Couple, seated; possibly brother William or John of James Holden
08-4 Girl or boy in dress and ringlets, 4-5 yrs, seated
09-1 Two children in light coloured dresses, ages 3 and 6
09-2 Man, portrait
09-3 Man, waist up, seated
09-4 Man, portrait.
10-1 Man, standing, ruddy cheeked, farmer?
10-2 Woman, standing, elegant dark dress
10-3 Man, seated
10-4 Woman, seated
11-1 Woman, standing
11-2 Man, seated on ornate armless chair, by fabric-draped table, on patterned carpet
11-3 Woman, tight hair, standing between table and chair
12-loose-1 Boy, ~10, standing by ornate chair, tintype, may be tinted
12-loose-2 Boy, ~4, standing, wearing tunic buttoned to neck, next to wood-framed, upholstered chail, painted background of another room with piano & stool.
13-3 Young woman, short haired, seated in pensive mood, cross hanging from necklace, wedding ring and earring visible
13-4 Young man, clean-shaven, portrait.
14-2 Man, full beard, no moustache, bright-eyed, portrait
16-1 Young woman, standing, side view, dark hair pulled back to bun, dress accented with rope, painted background of window with view
16-2 Young man, moustache and split goatee, portrait
16-4 Woman, hair parted in middle to mid-ear, lace collar with large brooch.
17-4 Abraham Lincoln, head & shoulders, cameo'd among symbolic scenes
18-1 Two young women in full fashion, seated in portrait studio; tinted metal plate.
18-3 Two young women in full fashion, seated on floor of probably the same portrait studio as 18-1; tinted metal plate.
19-1 Teenage male, standing, vested suit; portrait studio.
19-2 Young woman, portrait, curly locks and head scarf, large pendant, high collar.
19-3 Teen male, waist up, swept/curly hair.
20-1 Young man, clean-shaven, bowler hat and topcoat, waist up
20-3 Man, handlebar moustache, head & shoulders portrait, no backdrop.
21-1 Young woman, seated on rustic, sapling bench; satiny, dark, buttoned dress with skirt, embroidered with geometric dsign; backdrop of Grecian column and lake scene. Numbered 4008.
21-2 Man, standing, beard under jaw, no moustache, stove-pipe hat and top coat, arm resting on sapling bench, background Grecian column.
21-3 Man, seated, grey hair and stringy, salt & pepper beard under jaw, no moustache,
21-4 Woman, seated, hair parted in middle, checked dress, no jewellery.
22-1 Young woman, portrait, high collar, ribbon surround, interesting brooch.
22-2 Elderly couple, man seated holding heavily bound book, full beard under jaw, no moustache; woman standing, bonnetted, high-collared, full, dotted dress.
23-3 Young boy, standing, tunic, backdrop of keyboard instrument.
23-4 Youn girl, standing by chair, plain dress with frilly collar & sleeves, be-ribboned long hair, plain backdrop.
23-loose-1 Orilla Sullivan, 6-1/2 years old, short-haired, in frilly white dress and low shoes, seated on what could be a bear-skin rug
23-loose-2 Two young women, standing behind upholstered chair, white dresses.
24-1 J. Sinclair Holden, M.D. Seated on what looks to be a fake rock outcropping, bowler hat and walking stick in hand.
26-3 Boy, head & shoulders, white jacket; tinted metal plate in cardboard cameo.
26-4 Family, tinted; man standing, hair parted on left, bearded, no moustache; woman, seated, hair parted centre, dark dress with full skirt and accent bands; girl ~6, standing in short-sleeve dress tinted red.
27-1 Imperial Hotel, Belfast
27-3 The Fairy Wedding Group. Midgets in wedding pose. An ameuse.
27-4 Duplicate of 23-3 but in better condition.
36-2 Woman, ~40, h&s portrait, hair parted near middle, white lace bodice, brooch at neck.
39-2 Woman seated & girl ~10, standing; mother with long hair tightly piled, parted in middle, in dark full dress with white frilly collar, holding book; daughter with long curled dark hair in short-sleeved dress, white puff
40-1 Man, seated with letter & books; curled hair, parted in middle.
43-1 Elder man with full white beard, h&s portrait.
43-2 Young man, h&s portrait - inscribed John G. Decter.
43-3 Maude Decter: Young woman, hair parted in middle, h&s portrait
43-4 Teen male, resembles John G. Decter 43-2.
44-1 Woman, seated with book; hair centre parted, velvet dress.
44-3 Male, full, wispy beard, h&s portrait
44-4 Woman, seated, hair braided on top, brocaded dress
45-1 Woman, standing, full white dress, hair parted in middle, backdrop of portico overlooking garden scene
45-2 Young woman, seated, ful-faced, hair parted in centre, full dress with balloon sleeves, brocade at hem of skirt.
45-4 Young man or late teen, could be James Franklin Holden, short hair.
46-1 John A. MacDonald, Prime Minister of Canada
46-2 Man, h&s portrait, beard under jaw line, no moustache, large, curled hair, parted on left.
46-3 Man, middle-aged, h&s, balding, mutton-chops.
46-4 Man, elderly, h&s, white-haired, mutton-chops.
47-2 Woman, seated, long-tresses, seated by ornately carved table, curtained backdrop.
47-loose-1 Girl, ~5, hair parted centre, full dress, low collar.
47-loose-2 Baby; dark hair, centre parted; white, lace christening gown.

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