Photo from James & Orilla Holden's 19th Century Album

Photo 08-3 Obverse  
  • Subject : Couple, seated; possibly brother William or John of James Holden
  • Date :
  • Location : Oshawa
  • Inscribed:
  • Notes :
  • Photographer: J. E. Hoitt
  • Address : King Street East
  • City : Oshawa
  • Notes : J.E. Hoitt's Fine Art Gallery, Oshawa, C.W. Imprint shows album similar to this one. "Photographs, $1.50 per doz. A large selection of Frames, Cases and Albums at cost prices to regular customers. Photographs from the smallest to life size finished in India Ink, Oil or Water Colors. Particular attention paid to all kinds of Copying. Views of Buildings taken to order. Call and examine specimens."
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Created on 01-22-2002