Photo from James & Orilla Holden's 19th Century Album

Photo 11-2 Obverse  
  • Subject : Man, seated on ornate armless chair, by fabric-draped table, on patterned carpet
  • Date :
  • Location : Oshawa
  • Inscribed:
  • Notes : When did Canada west become the province of Ontario? 1867? That this photograph is stamped C.W. suggests that it could have been taken prior to Confederation. Or was the area continuingly called Canada West for years after?
  • Photographer: A. Barrett
  • Address :
  • City : Oshawa
  • Notes : "A.Barrett's Photograph Gallery, Oshawa, C.W. All negatives preserved. Duplicates can be had at any time. In ordering please send the number."
  • More :

Created on 01-22-2002