The James Holden of Whitby, Ontario 19th Century Photo Album

Sample page This example page is in better condition than most and appears to be still organised as it was originally intended. The upper pair are likely husband and wife - both photos were taken by the same photographer. One wonders if the little girl was the daughter of the couple to her left. 

The album has similar pages designed for the oval photograph - four oval cutouts per page, each bordered as these rectangular ones. Both types are three-ply with a stiff cardboard inner ply; photos are inserted between the outer and inner ply at the top or bottom edge. The cutouts go right through and the plies are glued together except for the frame around each cutout.

The image files have been named pp-n[o].jpg, where pp is the page number, n represents the position on the page, and the optional 'o' signifies the obverse face of the photo.