1. Green, Joseph. J.: "Some Account of the Family of CUDWORTH of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Etc, Etc., Particularly that Branch Settled at Sandal Magna near Wakefield, Co. York; and Darlington, Co. Durham - Circa 1630 - 1898", Headley Brothers, London, 1898.

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  2. Signed photo of William Cudworth who commissioned the work.

  3. Snippet of letter from 'Kleng', probably to William Cudworth or descendant, regarding the 'Cudworth Manor', bearing 'damping' information. This letter was found in the Green volume. A typed transcription is adjacent.

  4. Memoranda re Nevins, etc on Butts Close stationery. Provides some history on the siblings and antecedents of Rachel Nevins, who married John Cudworth of Leeds in 1816. Butts Close, York was the Cudworth family home from 18?? to 19??. Author  - probably one of the daughters of William John Cudworth. Also found inserted in the Green volume. Best effort typed transcription beside each page.
  5. Transcription of annotation on rear page of Green volume re inscription on tomb at Sandal Church.

  6. A brief history of Headley Brothers, the printers.

Additional items from recent research:

  1. The Cudworth Engineers. Links from this paragraph are to pages about the careers of Cudworths as Engineers. The first one was William Cudworth. His younger brother James Ianson Cudworth was recognised also. William's son William John Cudworth apprenticed under him. WJC's son, William Oswald Cudworth emigrated to Canada where he, too, undertook engineering. All of them were in railroading. WOC's daughters did not themselves take up the profession but three grandsons did: Peter Normington, Chris Thomson and Tom Holden.

  2. Some history of the Friends' Meeting House, Darlington, County Durham, where the Cudworth family was actively involved in the Society of Friends (Quakers) for about a century.William Cudworth(1) married Mary Ianson there in 1810. William died in 1820 at age 37. Mary outlived him to age 85 (1871), having become an Elder in the Society of Friends. Both buried at the Friends' Burial Ground (F.B.G.), Darlington. Refer Green pp. 43-44. Their son William Cudworth(2) was born in Darlington and educated at a Quaker boarding school there. He taught at the Friends' Adult School from its inception in 1867 and was still continuing in 1898 at age 83. His wife Mary (Thompson) Cudworth became an Elder and was buried in the Darlington F.B.G. in 1882. Green (pp. 48-51) also reported that two of their children died young and are buried there - Francis in 1858, age 8, and Jane in 1873, age 18. Presumably, William(2) was also buried there sometime after the Green book was printed in 1898. His eldest child William John Cudworth was born in Darlington and with Margaret Thistlethwaite began their own family there, giving birth to four children between 1881 and 1887: Margaret, Mary, William Oswald (my maternal grandfather), and Helen (after whom my mother is named). They moved away to Butts Close, York sometime between 1898 and and W.J.C.'s death in 1909.

  3. There are likely to be many references to the Cudworths in the following records for churches in the ancient parish of Darlington, available at Durham County Record Office, County Hall, Durham, DH1 5UL:-

    Society of Friends

    • Darlington Preparative Meeting 1670-1897 (SF/Da/PM).
    • Stockton/Darlington Monthly Meeting 1675-1900 (SF/Da/MM).

    More information may be found at GENUKI - Darlington.

  4. Leeds University Library maintains a Quaker Archive with a web-searchable database that contains nearly 40,000 records, most of them indexing the names of those individual Quakers who are recorded in minute books of West and North Yorkshire Meetings of the Society of Friends, dating from the late 17th to the early 20th century. This does not include Darlington but a search registered 24 references to Cudworths with names and dates that strongly suggest they would be part of our family. Using these search results, a visitor to the library would be able to find the entries in the minute books and learn what issues concerned these relatives.

    The last reference in the search results to "Rachel Cudworth, formerly Nevins" is almost certainly to the wife of John Cudworth of Leeds, the brother of William Cudworth(1) of Darlington. Logically, then the John Cudworth referenced in these minutes would be her husband; John William and Mary Cudworth would be their children and Hannah Cudworth would be John's sister, later married to Robert Walker of Dirtcar. John and Hannah were children of Abraham Cudworth who joined the Society of Friends ca. 1790.

  5. Other links of interest:

Handwritten annotation on back page of Green volume:

Inscription on flat tomb opposite porch of Sandal Church


rests(?) the body

of Sarah, the wife

of John Cudworth

of Dirtcar, who died

the 12th day of September,

1751 & in the 57th year

of her age.


Near this place rest(?) the

Bodies of Mary & Hannah,

his daughters.

Mary died 6 Feb, 1740,

aged 4 years.

Hannah died 20 Feb,

aged 1 year.

In Sandal Church there is a font dated 1662 in which ancestors must have been baptised.

Some account of the family:

Some account of the family









CIRCA1630 — 1898.