Memoranda re Nevins, etc

Memoranda re Nevins, etc on Butts Close stationery found inserted in the Green volume. Best effort typed transcription beside each page.. Provides some history on the siblings and antecedents of Rachel Nevins, who married John Cudworth of Leeds in 1816. Butts Close, York was the Cudworth family home from 18?? to 19??. Author  - probably one of the daughters of William John Cudworth who resided there.

Memoranda re Nevins, Etc.

Memoranda re Nevins etc., etc.
Lovett, artist from Liverpool painted
J.W.C oil painting & his father's
& mother's miniatures & 2 grandfathers.
Memo. on rough sheet of an ac-
count book in Pim Nevins' writing.
"Pim Nevins senior married Eliza-
beth Jowett at Gildersome Meeting
(of Churwell) and commenced house
keeping in Hunslet(?) home in a 
house occupied by Uncle B. Jowett
& in August that year they set out 
to visit his relations in Ireland Kil
glassie. When P.N. was born in 1790
I bought 2 acres to build myself
a house & warehouse & entered into
the house in May 1791. I was
partial to larches & called the place
Larchfield. Pim, Maria & Henry were
born there(?) the other children born
opposite the house belonging to Uncle
Benjamin Jowett. My partner who
I took 1793 began to make use of
my money when I decided to go to
America to investigate when my 
wife suddenly died & I altered my
plans. Instead of going myself I sent
my son John in 1802 who was 
only 15 years of age. In July of that
year I shut my house up & put the 
children to school & sailed for New 
York. On my return 2 years later
I found all my children in Larch-
field house waiting for me short 
of money then went into the cot-
tage & after prospering again went
into Larchfield again."

Pim Nevins crest
see illustration

Ages of Pim Nevins' children
Thomas    born 7/16/1781
Ann           11/10/1782
Rachel         3/13/1784
John           5/07/1786
Archibald     12/07/1787
Eliza          6/13/1789
Charlotte      7/16/1790
Pim            1/20/1792
Maria          8/23/1793
Henry         12/04/1799
(one stillborn in 1795)
P.N senior was born at Kilglass
in Co. Kildare Ireland 16th of 4th mo
1757 son of Thos. who was son of
Archibald & Ann Nevins of Baltirane
(? or Ballitore, see Green p.41)
now called Newbery. His grandmother
maiden name was Greer.