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Related Families

Quaker I'Ansons in England
Ianson or I'Anson. Mary Ianson married William Cudworth(1) in 1810. This link is to a transcription from another book printed by the Headley Brothers in 1920 giving the Ianson Family lineage from a French warrior at Bosworth in 1485. Fascinating!
I'Anson One-Name Study Homepage
The above page is on a really well designed website devoted to gathering information about all I'Anson's.

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Quaker Online
Darlington Monthly Meeting Online. History of Darlington Meeting House, where it's located, current issues.
GENUKI - Darlington
Cemetery, church and census records for the parish of Darlington are referenced on this page from GENUKI, the United Kingdom and Ireland Genealogical Information Service
Leeds University Library Special Collections Quaker Archives Database
The database contains nearly 40,000 records, most of them indexing the names of those individual Quakers who are recorded in minute books of West and North Yorkshire Meetings of the Society of Friends, dating from the late 17th to the early 20th century. Includes 24 references to Hannah, John, Mary, John William or Rachel Cudworth, all of which are names on the Cudworth pedigree.
Waterford Freeman - Pim Nevins
A list of Freemen of Waterford City County Waterford, including Pim Nevins, Merchant Quaker, attaining this status 26 Aug 1809. Could be the brother or father of Rachel Nevins, who married John Cudworth of Leeds in 1816. This Waterford appears to be in Ireland, not England, because the home page of the web site indicates that it is devoted to researching Irish family history in the Liverpool area. Pim Nevins,senior, came from Ireland.
Yorkshire Quaker Heritage Project Home page
University of Hull project to increase awareness of and broaden access to Quaker archives and printed collections held in Yorkshire, and beyond, relating to the region. Short history of origins and development of Quakerism, founded by George Fox in Yorkshire.
Library Guide 2 - Genealogical Sources
The Library, Friends House, London. If you believe that someone in your family was a Quaker, this guide may help you. It contains basic information about how the Religious Society of Friends was and is organised, and a description of one of the more important collection of records for family history research. There are also brief notes on some of the biographical indexes kept by the library.
Cyndi's List - Quaker
Index of Quaker related links for genealogical research.

Stockton & Darlington Railway

Darlington Railway Centre - Our Collections
The museum collection covers the railways of North-East England, with particular emphasis on the Darlington area. Of greatest significance is Stephenson's "Locomotion" (1825), which hauled the inaugural train on the Stockton and Darlington Railway. William Cudworth (2) witnessed this event at the age of 10 along with 40,000 people and subsequently became Civil Engineer for the Railway.
Page 5. A Family Library List - Stockton & Darlington Railway
A bibliography about the Stockton & Darlington Railway on The Pease Family website. Edward Pease is known as the "Father of Railways". William Cudworth(1) was in partnership with his cousin Thomas for a time.
Stockton & Darlington Railway - railway history(index)
Great website on the history of the Railway. "The scene, on the moving of the procession, sets description at defiance; the welkin rang with loud huzzas, while the happy faces of some, the vacant stare of others, and the alarm depicted on the countenances of not a few, gave variety to the picture. Astonishment, however, was not confined to the human species, for the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air seemed to view with wonder and awe the machine, which now moved onward at the rate of 10 or 12 miles an hour...Durham County Advertiser, 1st October, 1825."
Transcript of flyer announcing regular passenger service on the Railway in 1825!
The London and North Eastern Railway
From website "Mike's Railway History, The way it was in 1935". An incredible compilation of material when steam was in its heyday. This page synopses the history of the LNER from its beginnings as the S&DR which later was part of the North Eastern Railway. Both William Cudworth (2) and William John Cudworth were Civil Engineers for the NER.
UKRAILNET - British Railway History
A nicely designed website.


ICEnet The Institution of Civil Engineers Homepage
William Cudworth(2) and William John Cudworth were members and wrote 1 or 2 papers each that were published in I.C.E. or the Cleveland Institute.
The New York Public Library
NYPL has or had one of the above papers plus has the other Cudworth family history. See Cudworth References - New York Public Library.

Other resources

The British Association for Local History's Website
The Village Atlas Leeds, Sheffield and York (Dirtcar, Sandal Magna)
Cleveland Family History Society
Monthly meeting in Darlington. Sells copies of census, family histories, monumental inscriptions, etc. Impressively organised.