Headley Brothers - Printers and Publishers of "The Cudworth Family"

The following e-mail was graciously provided by the great grandson of the co-founder of Headley Brothers who were commissioned by William Cudworth to produce this memoir. website

Dear Mr Holden,

Thank you for your email enquiry. I confirm that the partnership,
Headley Brothers, that eventually became this company had an office at
14 Bishopsgate in 1898. The business produced quite a number of private
memoirs of the kind you possess. The partnership was formed in 1881.
The brothers had a printing works in Ashford Kent in addition to the
Bishopsgate office and at the turn of the century operated both as
printers and publishers. In about 1910, the partnership was brought to
an end. Headley Brothers Publishers Ltd was formed and traded from the
Bishopsgate address, later becoming the Swarthmore Press and at some
point in the late 1920's becoming part of George Allen & Unwin Ltd. The
printing business continued in Ashford, run by Burgess Henry Headley, my
great grandfather, and still under the style of Headley Brothers. The
business incorporated in 1951.

In its early years the company was very much involved in printing for
the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and for persons associated
with the Society. The business now specialises in the printing of
magazines, but retains this Quaker link in printing the weekly journal
of the Society 'The Friend'.

Yours sincerely,

Jon Pitt
Commercial Director, Headley Brothers Ltd
Jon Pitt

From: Jon Pitt <jpitt@headley-brothers.demon.co.uk>
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Date: Tuesday, January 02, 2001 08:50

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>Would your firm have had an office at 14, Bishopsgate Street Without, E.C. in
>London in 1898? I have a private circulation title "Some Account of the Family
>of Cudworth of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Etc." by Joseph J. Green and printed by a
>Headley Brothers.
>Thanking you for a reply,
>Tom Holden