Cudworth References at the New York Public Library

The following references were found in the NYPL Research Libraries Dictionary Catalog (through 1971) by Tom Holden in 1990. Time did not permit the retrieval of the articles themselves. Should anyone have access to these, a copy would be much appreciated.

1. Cudworth, William: On sorting railway trains by gravitation. (In Forrest, J., ed. Railway management. London, 1875. 8'. pp.21-28) (Repr.: Proc. Inst.C.E., vol. xii, Sess. 1874-75. Pt.iii)

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2. Cudworth, James Ianson 1817-1899. Engineer v.88, p.479. London, 1899. This might be an obituary.

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3. Records of the Cudworth Family: A History of the Ancestors and Descendents of James Cudworth of Scituate, Mass. by W.John Calder, 1863-1944, edited and revised by Arthur G. Cudworth, Sr, Sun City, Az 1974 or 1975. NYPL APV(CUDWORTH) 78-704